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Courtesy Yuji Wada

Hi Guys,
My kids bought me a birthday present of the Tokyo Tapes Double CD, and it's simply fantastic. I have been a fan for over thirty years, and I have to say that you sound better than ever. I have most of the old albums but age has taken it's toll on the vinyl, as on us all, but thanks to the CD the scratching and hissing and jumping has gone. Anyway, keep up the good work, and who knows, someday you might pay a visit to Ireland.

God Bless,
Michael O'Hanlon


I have been a fan of The Brothers Four from their beginning. John Paine and I paged together in the Washington State Senate when we were high schoolers. He was a special person then and I am sure he is still that special person today -- a gentleman, kind and considerate. I'm looking forward to attending my first Brothers Four concert in Olympia next month.

Sally (Chapman) McDaniels


When I was around 4 or 5 years old, my favorite record was The Brothers Four "Rally Round"....


Paul Wiele


We are big fans of the Brothers Four, my father and I, and we are eagerly following the 2001 schedule on your website... .... we were wondering...if you are coming anywhere near the East Coast anytime soon.

Seth Matheson


My name is Tani, my mother named me after a song by The Brothers Four which I have not heard since I was 4 years old - if you know where I can find this recording please tell me.

thank you,
Tani (child of a coral sea)


I remember listening to Mom's and Dad's Brothers Four albums way back in the 60's. I loved the songs and the harmony then and I still do today. Something on the television jogged my memory and urged my search for you on the web. I'm glad you guys are still sharing your talents.

George Haynes


I was ordering another CD from Amazon and decided to see if there was an official website. I'm in my mid 50's and so have been listening to your music for many years. I was an undergraduate when much of your material was popular in the U.S. and along with P,P & M you have always been one of my favorites. I've always enjoyed "Try to Remember." As a young man I enjoyed it mostly for the harmony and musical grace of the song. As I have grown children and a nearly 32 year marriage to my high school sweetheart, the song has taken on a whole new scope and complexity. It is without doubt one of the best nostalgic songs ever recorded and now creates in me a warm and comforting sort of melancholy (if that's not an oxymoron). As a college professor for over 30 years I would love the young people of today to be exposed to your music because of its sense of humor, quality of lyric and the incredible harmonies you produce.

Is there any place within reason I can get another chance to hear you live (I'm in the Midwest). Although I don't play the guitar particularly well my voice is a bit better and I love to sing and play along with your music. And finally, although this would sound odd to many because of the nature of the music, I find much of it to be stimulating enough to listen to during my exercise workouts--often 4 to 5 times a week.


Larry McCallum


Hello, guys.

A lifelong fan finally got to see you to Toccoa, Georgia, last year for my birthday. You were not a disappointment! I have tried to collect all your albums, and for the elusive Beatles one, I have them all. I'll keep looking. My wife also enjoys hearing you. Keep giving us America's music. I'll always be listening.

David G Thawk


I knew your music because my father bought a disk (The Brothers four: GREATEST HITS) about 30 years ago when he was in England . He is hearing your music again after 30 years and so do I because I like it very much

(my favourite songs: The Green Leaves of Summer, Greenfields, Yellow Bird, Summer Days Alone)

Fabio, Prato (Italy)



My name is Andrew Kang, now living in Korea. I have been a big fan of Brothers Four for the past twenty years.

For years I have tried in vain to get Brothers Four album containing "Puff". Recently, I downloaded it [from an online service] and I am enjoying it very often. My other favorites are "Seven Daffodils", "Greenfields", "Blizzard", and so on.

It was a great surprise to know that Brothers Four is still having concerts. It is a pity that I can't go to those concerts, as I am in Korea. Is there any plan for them to have a concert in Korea? I am sure that there are a large number of faithful fans here in Korea.

I thank God that I am alive to enjoy those beautiful songs - too beautiful to be described by words.

God bless each and every member of the greatest singing legends - Brothers Four.

Thank you very much.

Andrew Kang



One of my most favorite albums was The Brothers Four. I just updated to a cd so that I can keep playing these songs forever. Loved the harmony and the songs.

Will check the website and follow the concert dates. I would love to see them in concert.
Hope all are well.

Thanks for the music.

Maryanne Chagnon "mac"


You have a wonderful music/songs. where can i find the words for the - " greatest hits " ( june 1962 ) ?

Thank you,


I am from Russia, from Moscow. My name is Nick (Nikolay). I am an actor and guitarist. I am fond of songs in English. I love Brothers Four and Green Fields. I am 30 and this song reminds me my childhood. I was searching for the words for the long time.

I am so happy to have this song now. I will never forget this.

Thank You !!!

Nick Lazarev. Russia. Moscow.


Hi! Thanx 4 wonderful songs & 4 this site. I came across this site by accident & was delighted 2 find here songs of my childhood. My dad is fan of Brothers Four. I listened those songs every day when I was little girl & they were my first lessons in English. It's wonderful feeling 2 find in the net such a big piece of nostalgia. Thank u very much. This music is forever.
Good luck!

Sincerely yours,

Yuliya Zaitseva
Moscow, Russia



When will B.F come to China Mainland again! Last time when they come I'm just a poor boy that didn't know anything more, Today, Me& All the fans in China are waiting sincerely for B.f's coming!



My sister is named Tani after the song "Farewell, my Tani" I would be interested to know about who wrote it. I have loved those songs since I was a little girl, and still enjoy them today.

L. Brazeal


I remember the Brothers Four on a TV show in the early 60's singing a song that goes
"The violin plays a song, everyone is going to sing along
The clarinet, the clarinet, he doesn't know it but he'll learn it yet (repeat)"
followed by verses about drums and the horn.
I would like to know the name of that song and if it was recorded and if it is available.

Andrew Buell


Hey there. My name is Heidi.. I'm actually a local gal because I live right near Seattle. I just wanted you to know that your music is great and I have been listening to it since I was little =) My father is a huge fan and grew up listening to your music, so naturally I did too. This evening he was humming the 'froggy went a courtin' song and so I searched through all our old records and played it. We had lots of fun listening the entire record and I even introduced my young 1 year old son to it. We danced and sang until it was bedtime.
It really makes me happy that I can pass songs that are meaningful and wholesome down to my baby, especially with all the bad influences out there now.
I just wanted to thanks you guys so much. Keep rockin'! =)

-Heidi Christensen

P.S. When will you be here in Washington next?


Hi Guys !

I can't believe I found a website for you! I am new to this internet thing and I am so glad that I can let you know how much I have enjoyed your music over these many years and it's nice to know that 2 of the original members are back! I still have some of those wonderful old LP's! Somehow the song that I remember and loved most keeps going through my mind "Come to My Bedside My Darling". So beautiful. I know you play Washington a lot ,but will you maybe come to Portland, Ore. sometime soon? ...
I hope you will come here sometime maybe this summer, as I'd love to see you sing again.

Love from a longtime fan,

Carol Hubbard


I've been a fan of your music for about thirty years. My older brother introduced me to your group with the "Beatles Songbook" album. Since that time I have purchased many of your albums and even attended a concert about twenty years ago. I always loved the original album that caught my heart, but wasn't able to find it. Last week by searching on the internet I found a CD recording of the "Beatles Songbook" in Japan. Imagine my joy! Today I received my order and am walking on air. Thanks for making such beautiful music.

Linda K. Taylor
Fort Collins, CO


Hey! My hero !

When will you come to China???!!! I know in 1996 you have been here. But only 1000 persons or so listened to your pretty sounds! I love you very much, and so do many chinese youngsters!



Greetings from South Africa! of diamonds, gold, Lost City!

We are H-U-G-E COLLECTORS of everything we can find about you like discs/books/magazines. We especially adore your Greatest Hits, Greenfields And Other Gold, The Best Of, The Honey Wind Blows, Try To Remember, Silver Anniversary Concert, B.M.O.C., Tokyo, A New World's Record, Songbook, Roamin', The Big Folk Hits and Cross-Country Concert albums.

Please The Brothers Four, we would be very grateful if you could honour a small request. We would greatly appreciate if you could kindly send us 2 signed photos (for our 2 separate homes) which we will greatly treasure with our love (and keep together with our 2 very different collections which we have all about you).

Thank you so very much The Brothers Four for your time and immense kindness in getting the 2 signed photos to us.

With our deep appreciation and huge admiration


Bernard and Chrissie Levine.
Shana Tessa Levine.


Saw you in 1963-4 at Montclair State Teachers College (now Montclair University) in Montclair, NJ while a student at a neighboring college, and again in 1999 in Ocean Grove, NJ at the Great Auditorium. Liked you then, like you now. Disappointed that you didn't make NJ/NY in 2000, and not scheduled in 2001. I have all the albums (guess they don't make ALBUMS anymore) you made prior to Mike Kirkland leaving. Play them often in the car (transferred to tape of course). Thanks for the many hours and years of entertainment and memories. Hope to see you in NJ, maybe in 2002.

David Fenwick


Hi! I'm so glad with this chance to share with you some lifelong impressions
I first heard and immediately fell in love with the unique blend of musical experience brought about by Greenfields when I was a six-year-old country boy and preschooler in rural Philippines nearly forty years ago. I still remember a celebrated romance that blossomed between a relative (a village beauty queen) and a dashing young guitar virtuoso, which culminated in a happy marriage, directly on account of that song.

As the years rolled by, my admiration for the Brothers Four rose along with my growing partiality to American folk music and familarity with many more of the famed quartet's songs, yet, as fate would have it, this fondness would give way to a wide variety of country, pop, and modern jazz performers. Early in the '80s, a local resurgence of popularity in the richness and timbre of bluegrass sounds reawakened my earlier passion; for over a decade, I carried around cassette tapes of the Brothers Four which had been released in my homeland.

Contrary to my expectations when I came to America in 1995, I found to my consternation that I couldn't even obtain any recordings by the Brothers Four through the mainstream "music clubs" of which I became a member for years. Ironically, it was my great yearning for their golden voice and poignant touch that nurtured my undying interest in, of all places, the Midwest. The recent purchase of a desktop PC and access to the Internet paid off; for at last I could now read all I want about the Brothers Four as well as hear virtual audio clips of their timeless selections.

I'd been wondering, and am quite glad to learn that YOU have kept the faith ... More power!


Junn Lepaopao





Bob and John,

Recently purchased the double C.D. Song Book and Big Folk Hits. I have the three double C.D.'s, and if I could stick in the opinion of a forty year fan- next double "Roamin'" and "Honey Wind Blows".

I have 16 of your vinyl 33 1/3 rpm records, and thanks for putting out the C.D.'s as the records are showing their wear. Also recently received the Christmas album. "Christmas is a Coming" a family favorite.

Continued good health (saw you in Ocean Grove, N.J. last year)

Frank Duggan
Freehold, N.J.


I was one of the lucky ones to see your show at the Puyallup Fair. My husband and sister went with me. I really enjoyed your music. Please keep up the wonderful sound. I will get your CD and see if one or more of my 7 kids will listen. They say that they don't like it but I always have to ask for it. Someone besides me is LISTENING. Maybe they are catching on after all.

Thank You,


Re: Greatest Hits

Every song on that album was a favorite of mine!!!! I have the album and now would like the CD. I must learn how to order from Amazon!

I saw your concert Sept. 16. It was great!!! I've listened to your music since the 60's. Thanks for a great evening.

Harlyne H


So good to hear you are still performing. I have 13 vinyls and the newspaper article from when I saw the orginal four at Los Altos (CA) High School April 7, 1961. I'm really glad that some of the orginal albums are being re-released.
Keep it up, a fan since the 50's.

Bob Hearn
Los Altos, California


As a early teenager, some 35 years ago or so, I heard a song that I'm pretty sure the Brothers Four did, about a boy falling in the well. His name was so long that he drowned. I am trying to find the name of the boy or the lyrics. Any help here?

[That would be "Sama Kama Wacky Brown" -- webmaster]

I have enjoyed the groups work for all these years now.

Bill Fleming
Shelbyville, Kentucky


Brothers Four was my childhood and my youth. Now I'm a grown up with no hair, and they're still my best. I grew up listening to Greenfields which is still my favorite.
Thank you for everything you made me feel.

Cenap Adas


My name is Ben and I am a Texas Aggie...Just wanted to let you know that although I am only 20 years old, I love your music. I grew up listening to your greatest hits album and Blue Water Line quickly became one of my faveorites. I can recall a Christmas even when my father had the album playing when my brother and I came out to see our Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Thanks for the laughs and memories.

Ben Fox


My father recently bought a new stereo with no turntable, and offered to let me go through his record albums to choose what I wanted. Needless to say, I grabbed all the Brothers Four albums we listened to all the time while I was growing up.
I have 6 record albums of the Brothers Four, and would not get rid of them for the world. The music is so beautiful, and performed so perfectly.

Thanks for the music.

Sharri Nicholson, North Carolina


Thanks for bringing those wonderful music in the world, ever since I was a boy I enjoyed you're music, now I'm grow up I find it more and more fantastic to hear it, even my wife and children

Again thank you very much,

Rick van Rijswijk
The Netherlands


I am thrilled to find a Brothers Four Website! I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and remember the one and only time I saw the Brothers Four in concert - it was 1962 and my 16th birthday - my friends surprised me by taking me to the concert - I still have the program which was signed by Bob, Dick, Mike, and, I must confess, my favorite, John. I sure hope that there are some Canadian sites planned for the goup soon. It's nice to know that some things from the past can be part of the present and the future.

Thanks for the memories, guys, and for the memories to come.

Trudy Monro
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Dear Brothers Four--

What a great concert we heard last nite in Everett! We have heard you before & are always thrilled to hear u again--

Especially enjoyed Try To Remember, This Land is Your Land and of course Greenfields.

Thanks again for coming!

Doris H.


At 61 and a half decent tenor in the choir (quartet in the 50's) I have listened to you guys for almost 40 years. My son, now also a fan found you on the web. Thanks for still singing and bringing back fond memories of my youth.

Roger Foss


My parents had, I believe, the first Brother's Four record, the one with Greenfields on it and I grew up listening to you. I'm a musician myself now, and the other night, I had a request for (I couldn't believe this myself!) a Brothers Four tune. My band had never listened to any of your music, and I had never played it before, heck it'd been at least 30 years since I'd heard the tune, but almost without hesitation, we launched into "Greenfields". The reaction was amazing. Within 30 seconds, the floor was packed in a club where fast and loud is status quo. My bass player & drummer both came up to me afterward and asked what that song was. They were incredulous when I told them that it was a "pop" song from about 1959 (was guessing the date), and had been in the top ten on hit parade then.

Kind of amazing the kind of reaction that a 40 year old song can entice, isn't it?

I guess I wanted to tell you thank you for inspiring me to make music and giving me the kind of joy that only comes from making your own music. You four were really my first introduction to melody, harmony, and composition. My sister found a CD of the same album that I listened to as a child for me for Christmas. I almost cried. Anyway, thank you again for your work, and keep on making more.

David Epp
Syracuse, NE


I was never more impressed with anybody as I was when my wife (then girl-friend) went to a concert you put on in Eureka, California in 1968 or 69. They had booked you on HOMECOMING NIGHT at Humboldt State (I was a Forestry student). A really small audience showed up--but they were enthusiastic! You made the remark that we were "small, but mighty!", and you put on a show as though the entire world was sitting there. (You even had to put up with kids banging on the backstage door).

Thanks, and here's to you!
Tim Paysen


One of my first college concerts, was you guys at the University of Arizona. When are you coming back? I now live in Prescott, AZ (Yavapai College has a great concert hall), but anyplace in Tucson, Phoenix, or Prescott will do. You have a lot of fans and Fiji's here who would enjoy hearing you again.
Still have my old albums and couple of your CD's.

Thanks for all the years of great music.

Chuck Hiatt


I'm a long time fan of the Brothers Four....the songs, the richness of the sound, the harmony. I own just about all of the albums (vinyl) issued by Columbia ...and wouldn't part with them for the world. I'm grateful for Collector's Choice Music and Folk Era Music for the re-issues that have been released in the past couple of years.
If I had my druthers, a box set would be in the offing. Frogg # 1 is one of my favorite songs, but I love them all. I live in New York's Capital Region (Albany area) and would love to have the Brothers Four perform here.

Bill Bronk
Rensselaer, New York


I grew up in South Africa and discovered the Brothers Four in about 1961 or 1962 when I was looking for a recording of Country Boy, which Dick Foley sang so beautifully. Since then I've been a serious collector and , although I still have several vinyls, I scour the collectors' magazines and the interrnet for new issues on CD, happily finding new ones every so often. I'm still hoping to find Sing of Our Times, The Honey Wind Blows and Song Book on CD, and if the 2 Big Folk Hits were to be released on CD too, my cup would run over! Rally Round is a great album too -- as you can tell, I haven't been much exposed to the newer releases!

When I found out they were still touring, you could have heard the whoop all the way to New York! Life is good!

Amanda Davidson


Dear Sirs,

I am a lover of Brothers Four. I bought 2cds of brothers four when I was a sophomore. I found beautiful folk music there, including greenleaves of summer, scarlet ribbon, yellow bird, ... and the one I love most--the sloth. I regret that I didn't buy another album I saw that time.(for that really cost a lot as for a student) Now I am a bank clerk and have some money but can no longer find the cds I want. Would you please inform me where I can get brothers four cds in China,guangzhou(ie.canton,a city the group had been)?



At one point, there was some thought about a 40th anniversary album. Is this still a possibility? Have you ever considered releasing some of the music from the movies that you have done in the past such as: Five Weeks In A Balloon, 55 Days At Peking, Alvarez Kelly and, of course, The Green Leaves Of Summer. Could you possible refer to these on an update to your web site?

Thank you.
A fan for 40 years.
J. K. McCarthy


I'm a fan from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who's enjoyed your music for years. My favorite Brothers Four albums are "Rally 'Round," "Cross-Country Concert," "The Big Folk Hits," and "The Honey Wind Blows."
More power to you and keep the music coming.

Bob Sorrentino


I have been a Brothers Four fan since day one!! I had the pleasure of seeing them in person in the mid 60's in San Antonio when I was in the army. I have ALL of their record albums......all of them......and most recently was given a CD for Christmas from my son. I have spent hours listening to it.....The Brothers Four in Person and The Brothers Four Cross Country Concert. Their music is unlike any other.......and always a pleasure to hear.I am looking forward to purchasing the Japan Tour album and hope they will be doing a concert in Michigan in the near future. I also will be checking their tour schedule and hope to be able to attend a concert in one of the surrounding states. THE BROTHERS FOUR...........A CLASSIC AND CLASS GROUP.

Mike De Marchis


Brothers Four,

I am now 38. I started loving you at 2. Your B.M.O.C. album was never neglected in my house.

That's why today, I have EVERY CD you have put out!! Even the very hard to find Silver Anniversary Concert. I just got the Hullaballo you were on, as it's the only video that I know of. I also wrote reviews for ALL of your CDs at Amazon, and LOVE LOVE the latest Collector's Choice release!!!
Thanks again guys for making the world a much better place. Best to you all this holiday season,:

Forrest W. Barton
Yucaipa, CA


re: Favorite song

Greensleeves parody!
I've been collecting your stuff since the 60s (bet you've heard that one before!) and probably have all the vinyl you ever pressed. It was exciting to discover your web-site -- and to see that you're still working after all these (many?) years - and still sounding just as great --maybe better!). Perhaps some year you'll get closer to the southern Oregon coast.

Garry Jantzen, Librarian
Marshfield High School Library
Coos Bay, OR


I'm a fan from Hong Kong, The group have been in Hong Kong at 1998, I enjoy there music very much, Hey, The Brothers, keep on singing, DON'T STOP.

Chi Sing (from Hong Kong)



I am a fan of your music, though growing up my dad played it for me and I wasn't really into it much. But as time went on, I found myself singing the old songs in my head and now, well, I guess they just stuck. Anyway, I was hoping you could tell me the early influences of the Brothers Four? Who did you look up to while you were originally singing in your frat house?




I have been a huge fan of yours since the early 60's. I went to see you when you were doing the college concerts during that decade. I have since taken my family to many of your concerts here in the midwest. I would like to have the opportunity to purchase, "The Brothers Four Now" and "Try to Remember" on CD. I would also be interested in videos. I keep checking the "Rediscover Music" catalogue, but in vain--so far.

Thank you for continuing to bring your wonderful music to us.

Mark Ashby


Just returned from your concert and went to your website so I could tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your music. So pleasant to hear acoutic strings for a change.

Thanks for a wonderful evening.



We thoroughly enjoyed the Toccoa concert and have obsessed on many of the familiar numbers for the last 48 hours. The program took us back to our college days - a time when everybody could sing along. Many thanks for a delightful experience.

Wayne and Arline McWhinney
Toccoa, GA


Thank you for nice music for 40 years!

The concerts in Japan, this yea,r were also so wonderful as we expected. Your music remainds us good memories and gives us new energy for tomorrow. We the Japanese all fans hope that next year's concerts will come to us very soon. Thank you very much again and keep singing and playing nice music!



Brothers Four and Webmaster,

I must write to you. I have been enjoying your music since I was a child - as another fan put it "about 40 years ago." I never had the chance to see a concert but kept collecting the LPs whenever I found one in the store. I would sit for hours listening (and singing along) with you and write out the words. I thought the group had gone by the way until several years ago my wife had our local paper opened on the table for my return from work - an article promoting our local Community Concert (Goldsboro, NC) bookings included the Brothers Four! My childhood came flashing back!!

I was thrilled to be able to sing along in concert that year (1994) not only for the concert in Washington, NC but the next night's concert here in Goldsboro. I would have went to the concert a third night but had to work. We went two of your 1998 concerts in New Bern, NC and Goldsboro.

Although I love all the songs - Brother Where Are You?; If Tomorrow Wasn't Such A Long Time; Ballad Of Morton Bay; Brady, Brady, Brady; and Beans Taste Fine are just a few that still echo in my mind!

J. Russell and Theresa D. White
Goldsboro, NC


Dear Brothers,

I recently attended and enjoyed your concert at Ocean Grove, N.J. The last time I saw you was around '65 at Montclair State College also in Jersey. I must admit that being a loyal fan I do miss, even though it is many years later, Mike and Dick. Dick had such a distinctive voice. At the same time the two "new" guys were terrific. I realize the member goes back some thirty years.

I have sixteen of your albums on 33 1/3 L.P.s. Now I have three on C.D. Which of course I have the albums of these C.D.s. My favorite fun album is the "Cross Country Concert". My roommates at Seton Hall used to call me the fifth Brother.
Hope to see you again,

Frank Duggan


I listen to rock band like Metallica, Manowar, Death but I love your beautifully melodic songs... Keep on singing to please us. I think that you'll never come our country but I still hope... Someday will come

>From VN with love



About 40 years ago, when I was a boy, I went to the Brothers Four consert. That was held in Osaka Japan, and might be the second visiting of the Brothers Four. The first song, I remember even now, was Song of the Ox Driver. That song gave me a new world of American Folk Music. Now I am listening Brothers Four songs every day. Thank you very much for giving me a joy of music life.

Thank you, Mr.Bob, John, Mike, Dick, Mike, Terry, and Bob.

Ubukata Takashige


I have been enjoying your music since about 1960. The first album I remember buying was BMOC---And I still have the vinyl after all these years. Plus I still have "Roamin" and "Honey Wind".

My wife requests that you guys put "The Waves Roll Out" on your web site (even though we have it on the album) because it's one of her all time favorites.

We will see you when you come to Louisiana in September. Keep singing those great songs.

Best Wishes,

George & Eileen Heyd
New Orleans,LA

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