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Centralia College Corbet Theater

Those fortunate enough to have attended the Brothers Four concert last Saturday in Corbet Theatre know what a quality event it was. The enthusiastic, sell-out crowd was clearly into the spirit of this great performance of American folk music. During intermission and especially after the performance, many of those who lingered described the evening as "the best concert yet." Even if you grab an old LP (a term for an archaic medium for playing music, known a few years ago as a "record") of this group’s music, dust off the record player, and turn up the volume, you cannot recreate the excitement — neatly wrapped in nostalgia — of this live performance. There is no doubt The Brothers Four are quality entertainers.

The Brothers Four carry their energy around the world, often performing in huge arenas to crowds numbering in the tens of thousands. It was, as expected, a singular treat to enjoy their infectious and sensitive folk performance in the elegant but intimate Corbet environment. The songs were familiar to the point of being personal to much of Saturday’s audience; scores of us joined in on the choruses of those songs that meant so much to us in an earlier time. The blend of voices and harmony, the incredible acoustic virtuosity of the four, and the inroads of memory combined to cloak the auditorium in magic.

There truly was a magical energy to the performance and it was great listening to songs that had a tremendous impact on America and served as a catalyst of change. Music is not given enough credit for its impact on individuals and society. The Brothers Four, true pioneers in folk music, remind us that it does.

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